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Calendars can be purchased for $20 each from Battleford Boutique and Battleford Town Hall. Previous year’s calendars can still be purchased for $10 each.

Calendars can also be ordered by contacting Donna at or 306 480-7045.

Annual Calendars

Which steam-driven paddle-wheeler that was instrumental in Battleford’s early commercial development was also involved in the only naval battle in Saskatchewan’s history? Who was the pioneering photographer who had her first studio in Battleford and went on to international fame photographing Canada’s Inuit? What was the early mode of prairie transportation used extensively by settlers heading west which, when travelling in groups, was said to raise a cacophony that could awaken the dead? What Canadian-manufactured rifle used in WWII jammed so frequently it was derisively referred to by soldiers who carried it into battle as the “Canadian Club?”

You’ll find the answers to these questions among the articles contained in the Fred Light Museum’s 2022 fund-raising calendar which is now available to purchase. 

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