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The Fred Light Museum, with the support of Battleford Legion #9, and the Town of Battleford are proud to sponsor this exciting program to honor our veterans.

This program pays tribute to the military Veterans through
the display of colored double-sided banners on light poles down
22nd Street and beyond. The banners go on display for approximately three weeks prior to Remembrance Day and remain until mid November.

Each banner features a Veteran who was at one time a permanent resident of the Battlefords & Area. We are especially proud to honor both men and women Veterans from our local area.

We publish a biography booklet with highlights about each Veteran and a brief history of their family roots in the Battlefords & area.

Without the efforts of the Fred Light Museum Board Members and members of the community, with a strong sense of dedication and commitment to the Battlefords, initiatives such as this would not be possible. 

For more information, or to apply to Sponsor a Veteran, contact the Fred Light Museum @ 306.937.7111 or

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