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Discover our Theme Rooms & Outdoor Replica Buildings

fred light museum classroom

The School Room

The School Room is a step into the past with rows of antique children’s desks complete with a teacher’s desk and school books. Also including is an extensive collection of Boy Scouts items and a variety of Western Canadian wildlife.​ 

Ye Old General Store

Take a step back in history as you visit the General Store - filled with a wide variety of items that would be found at the turn of the Century. The General Store has it all; clothes, pharmaceuticals, a variety of old tins, shaving mugs, an organ grinder and much more.

Battleford Room

The Battleford Room contains a replica of the old post office, as well as items from the late 19th to early 20th century, such as furniture, farm tools and First Nations artifacts.

You will also find volumes of the Battleford Press and Saskatchewan Herald newspapers available for research.

The Veteran Room

The Veterans’ Room contains uniforms and memorabilia from local veterans of the 1885 Rebellion, the Boer War, WWI and WWII. You will also find an honorary display about the H.M.S. Battleford, a ship named after the town.  

Firearms Room

Utilizing the expansive room at the top of the building, this area offers an excellent view of the town.

The Firearms Room is one of the largest firearm collections on display in Western Canada. *This is a cannot miss for gun enthusiasts. The museum's collection contains 330+ firearms, some dating back as far as the 1600s, including flintlocks, matchlocks, muzzle loaders, rifles and revolvers, swords and bayonets. This room also features photographs of WW1 Veterans from Battleford, as well as artifacts from the 1885 Rebellion.

fred light museum classroom

Fire Brigade

The replica 1905 fire brigade contains traditional firefighting equipment, extinguishers, various articles covering stories of recorded fires in the Battlefords. The fire hall also houses Battleford's first three firetrucks, dating back to 1927. The trucks are restored and still run. The bell on the fire hall works, and is the original bell from the 1905 Fire Brigade.

Andersen's Shop

Featuring 3 generations of Andersen’s - Father Anders, son Chris, and grandson Floyd - involved with the woodworking business. Built in 2016, this building hosts a variety of woodworking and construction tools, as well as holding the historical significance of being a local business dating back to the late 19th Century!

Light's Service Station

A replica building of F.G. Light’s service station, this building was developed by partnering with Battleford’s Vintage Auto Club. Tools, former products and memorabilia from the original building are found here.

fred light museum classroom

Eaglehills Blacksmith

This newest addition is a replica of a blacksmith shop which was located on 21st street. You will find working artifacts like a forge, a power hammer fly press, anvil and large collection of hand tools.

The Gazebo

Discover the breathtaking view of the valley from the gazebo.

Available for event rentals; weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation or any other photo opportunities.

St. Vital Church

Built in 1883, the building was constructed of logs and still stands today in its original location (beside the Fred Light Museum).  It is the oldest Roman Catholic Church building in Saskatchewan. It is one of the two remaining buildings in Battleford that were built before the 1885 Rebellion. It served as the Parish for a full hundred years but with a growing congregation it was no longer adequate. A new church as built and opened for services in 1984 while the Old Church was turned over to the Town of Battleford as a historic site. 

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